Using mindfulness to ease anger

This round-up of articles gives practical ideas on using mindfulness to ease anger.

Every one feels angry sometimes. Anger looks different on different people. Some people yell, some seethe, some actually smile when angry. Anger, like all emotions, is useful information. Anger tells us that something is not right and needs to be addressed. It is often wise to cool down before addressing the trigger. This is where mindfulness can help.

Using mindfulness to ease anger is not about avoiding emotions. It’s about getting control of your mind rather than allowing the anger to control you. The goal is to dial back the anger to a manageable point so that you can deal with it in an effective way.

The following articles provide practical tips on using mindfulness to to ease anger:

  • Your Guide to Defusing Anger: It’s amazing how often the little things in life cause us to blow our top—which is rarely constructive. Once an angry outburst is unleashed, it’s hard to get things back in perspective, and now you have to put the pieces back together. Anger isn’t a bad thing. It’s a necessary emotion. – by Mindful Staff –
  • Mindfulness of Anger: Anger—it has an awesome power. Just think back to the last time you really felt it. What words come to mind? Hot? Addictive? Adrenaline rush? We’re not destined to respond to anger the same way every time we feel it. – by Margaret Cullen –
  • How Meditating Helps You with Difficult Emotions: Anger: How are you feeling? Meditation gives us a chance to entertain that question at a deeper level. It can give us the room to fully experience an emotion for what it is. – by Mindful Staff –

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