Leadership Resources: Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Leadership Resources

Leadership resources are nothing to be kept hidden.

Coaching conversations often move fast.  So as a coach I find it helpful to be very open with clients about how they can dig deeper into certain topics outside of the time that we spend together 1:1.   Positive psychology, mindfulness, and meditation are the topics clients are usually the most curious about.

Two questions that I often receive is, “is there a book on that?” and “how can learn more about this on my own?”

I am happy to share with all of my readers the leadership resources that I have leaned on.  The following books and recordings have had significant impacted on my work and mindfulness practice.

One observation about the leadership resources shared below is that many are authored by medical or academic doctors.  The rigor of the science that underpins positive psychology and mindfulness is often surprising for those new to these disciplines.

While there are countless positive psychology articles and mindfulness meditation perspectives out there, the leadership resources listed below are widely respected for their modernity, insightfulness, relevance, and ease of application for non-scientists.

Should you read or listen to any of the below leadership resources, please come back and post your comments about what you learned and experienced.

Positive Psychology Must Reads:

Science of Mindfulness Must Reads:

Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness at Work Guided Meditations:

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Stacie Hoffmeister is an organizational coach and branding professional. She is the founder of organizational coaching firm, Facts and Heresies. Facts and Heresies helps individuals step up into their next level of personal and professional potential. Based in the New York, NY and Westchester County, NY area, Stacie serves individual professionals and organizations in her area and all over the world. 

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