Empower Yourself with Information on Coaching

FAQs: Answer Your Questions on Coaching

Empower yourself with information on coaching.

I have just added a new page to the Facts and Heresies website, “FAQs: Answer your questions on coaching.”

The information you will learn here is a valuable resource for anyone considering the hire of a coach.

You will come away with an understanding of the value of coaching. My sources include data reports, the perspectives of renowned professional associations, and my experience as a credentialed coach.

You may be considering a coach for your own professional development or for your team. Empower yourself first with inside information on coaching.

Empower yourself with information on coaching. 

Information is power!

Stacie Hoffmeister

Stacie Hoffmeister is an organizational coach and branding professional. She is the founder of organizational coaching firm, Facts and Heresies. Facts and Heresies helps individuals step up into their next level of personal and professional potential. Based in the New York, NY and Westchester County, NY area, Stacie serves individual professionals and organizations in her area and all over the world. If you have questions or are curious about coaching, contact Stacie here.

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