Developing Emotional Intelligence in our Talk

Developing Emotional Intelligence in our Talk

Developing Emotional Intelligence in our Talk Improves Our Connections With Others

Developing emotional intelligence is necessary for professionals. No matter how sensitive we are to others, there is always room to grow. Even if we are great at being self-controlled, we can always do better.

The words we use (and don’t use) when we talk is an indicator of how emotionally intelligence we are. Other people notice this even if we don’t.

The quality of our relationships with others helps determine our employability and promotability. Developing emotional intelligence in a greater degree helps us to better connect with others. The better these connections are, the better our overall relationships will be.

This round-up of articles offer perspectives on how we speak with others. Developing emotional intelligence in our talk is a life-long effort. See if you can pick up a few tips on how to speak to better connect with strangers as well as people you already know.

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Stacie Hoffmeister is an organizational coach and branding professional. She is the founder of organizational coaching firm, Facts and Heresies. Facts and Heresies helps individuals step up into their next level of personal and professional potential. Based in the New York, NY and Westchester County, NY area, Stacie serves individual professionals and organizations in her area and all over the world. 

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