Combat Burn Out and Stress With Meditation

burn out and stress

Article Round-Up: Combat burn out and stress with a more serious meditation practice.

Burn out and stress are hard to reverse once they set in. Setting your intention to create a more habitual meditation practice can help. Meditation creates a much needed sense of space, distance, and perspective on the triggers of burn out and stress. One benefit of meditation is relief from current feelings of burn out and stress. When future feelings of burn out and stress arise, they are less intense.

The following round-up of articles give good pointers on how to get started with a more committed meditation practice. Don’t miss the last link on “flow.” It will make you laugh, another remedy for burn out and stress.

  • How to Do It: Find a good spot in your home or apartment, ideally where there isn’t too much clutter and you can find some quiet. Leave the lights on or sit in natural light. You can even sit outside if you like, but choose a place with little distraction. – by Mindful Staff
  • Take Your Mind for a Walk: So you started meditating—perhaps you completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course—and you sat there on your shiny new cushion that you just bought, convinced that practicing meditation was going to finally do what nothing else had. – by Steve Hickman
  • How to Keep Going With Meditation: All you need to meditate is a mind, body, and a little bit of oxygen. But what if you start feeling isolated? Too far away from other meditators? What many people don’t realize is that one of the best ways to stick with the practice is to find a teacher and a community of learners. – by Mindful Staff, Karin Evans
  • To pee or not to pee? Mindful weighs in on flow: We’re not talking about the kind of “flow state” experienced by high-performance athletes or how absorbed you get during a good scribble session in your adult coloring book. We’re talking about the down-to-earth, gotta go, kind of flow. – by Mindful Staff

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